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July 25, 2015

4 Tools to Help Maximize Your Sales Leads

Unlike many other tech-based tools, LeadGenius has human beings comb databases and verify the information inside them. Using logic and reasoning that only humans possess, the LeadGenius team is able to readily identify contacts that are the best fit for a particular product or service. This human touch is combined with the latest techniques in machine learning and data mining to ensure every database is as up-to-date as possible at all times. This is one of the closest tools to myself and my actual leads that I have come across.

July 24, 2015

4 Social Media Tools That Can Help Your Sales Team Close Deals

Sales and marketing teams waste countless hours each week researching potential leads on social channels, sorting through bad customer records, and manually updating their database. LeadGenius shoulders this heavy lifting for you. It's the opposite of DIY. LeadGenius finds your business new potential buyers and adds key data points to existing customer records so your team can spend more time on what matters: closing deals.

LeadGenius provides custom lead generation programs to everyone from scrappy startups to the Fortune 500. They locate the hard-to-find data points, including subjective buying signals from social media. LeadGenius works with any contact management or marketing automation solution on the market, so there is no additional software to learn -- just more time to close.

July 22, 2015

Facebook Launched New Mobile Ads to Improve Lead Generation

As Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenius says, "Fresh, accurate, in-depth customer data is the lifeblood of modern sales and marketing.”

As executives at the C-suite level realize the importance of social media in reaching customers, brands are seeking ways to make their marketing efforts more effective. Posting status updates and marketing messages on social media are great ways to get the message out, but capturing leads proves much more challenging.

June 23, 2015

7 Ways Quality Boosts Business That Quantity Can't Match

Supercharge sales with higher quality leads. The quality of your customer data affects every subsequent step in your buyer funnel. It’s about more than just accuracy. Low quality leads waste your team’s time on research, data entry and chasing dead ends. High quality leads facilitate better reporting, automation and segmentation. LeadGenius is a solution that helps you consistently identify your best possible buyers and add high value data points to your existing customer records.

January 14, 2015

The 5 Tools for Starting a Business in 2015

Most salespeople know that bringing a customer who will actually want your product is the best way to sell something. LeadGenius takes this a step further by employing a globally dispersed, vetted virtual workforce to fill your sales pipeline. Their pitch is taking more than just lead-generation out of the sales process and filling your various CRMs (Salesforce) with the necessary data. This takes out some of the tougher (finding appropriate people to sell to) and most boring (data-entry) aspects of making your company money off your plate.

December 15, 2014

Here's why LeadGenius is a force to be reckoned with in the UAaaS field

In the business world, one of, if not the, most time consuming things is taking the time needed to find quality leads; leads meaning potential customers that would be a great fit for your service or product. However if you are spending 90% of your time generating leads, you are wasting valuable time that could be used to actually secure those customers. That's where LeadGenius comes in. Their services allow you to focus on what is important, phone calls and in-person interactions with the same customers that you have previously spent most of your time looking for. Using a combination of crawlers and real human beings, LeadGenius curates those leads for you.

February 18, 2015

How Entrepreneurs Are Winning By Understanding Big Data

“Salespeople have always been data scientists, but they haven’t always had the data required to understand intent the way they should,” said Kulkarni, co-founder and “Chief Scientist” at LeadGenius. “Great salespeople focus on understanding a customer’s pain, establishing a relationship and connecting with them. Precise data allows a salesperson to understand a customer on an incredibly detailed level before establishing a relationship, ensuring that we’re providing someone with exactly what they want exactly when they need it.”

February 9, 2015

4 Secret Ways to Snag New Customers

A company called LeadGenius, which started out as a crowdsourced data-research and assistant service, pivoted to focus on a combination of dispersed workers and big data technology to pull together "deep" leads. These are effectively the people who aren't just a good potential sale, but the right person, at the right company, in the right place, with the right needs to fit you.

July 24, 2014

Reuters - LeadGenius racks up $6 mln

LeadGenius has received $6 million in Series A funding.

July 4, 2014

NBC Press:Here - Putting Veterans to Work

Anand Kulkarni’s MobileWorks seeks to bring employment to veterans and other groups in need.

February 18, 2014

ABC News: Alexis Ohanian (reddit founder) on why MobileWorks works

"What MobileWorks is proving is that there's a smart business model to paying people well. To being responsible employers and that's great because now it's not just an emotional win. It's not just an ethical win. It's also a financial win and that's powerful." 

February 18, 2014

ABC News: Berkeley startup MobileWorks revolutionizes outsourcing

"A Berkeley-based startup is trying to change the way the world works. Its clients can be anywhere and its employees are everywhere. It's a new company that's on a job-sourcing mission and it's called MobileWorks."

January 31, 2014

Fox Business - Finding workers via the cloud

“Companies are finding they need more flexibility than just hiring folks in their own backyards. If they find someone who is really talented, and willing to work 10-to-20 hours a week, they can hire that staffer no matter where they are in the world.”

December 6, 2013

TechCrunch - YC Alum MobileWorks Aims To Make Acquiring Users Easier (For A Price) With LeadGenius

If you’re a company looking to drum up some new users, the process seems simple enough — you shell out your monthly fee depending on the level of support you need and let the LeadGenius team do its thing. That “thing” naturally involves plenty of conversations.


November 10, 2013

ZDNet - Can you outsource a salesteam? Yes.

"Companies everywhere are looking for efficiencies, but the sales organization remains resistant: sure, you can demand more and more productivity from a sales rep, but how can you really extract more value from something so...unstructured? By focusing on the drudgery, that's how. Anand Kulkarni, the chief executive of Berkeley, Calif.-based Mobileworks, thinks sales reps can outsource the mundane parts of their job and focus on the glad-handing that wins accounts."

October 18, 2013

Business Insider - I 'Hired' A Virtual Personal Assistant To Do My Job For Me — Including Writing This Story

"I often find myself pressed for time. Wouldn't it be great to be in two places at once, being twice as productive? This is where a company called MobileWorks comes in extremely handy. It's a crowdsourced virtual personal assistant platform that funnels your tasks to workers around the world based on who's best equipped to handle them for you."

October 21, 2013

Bloomberg.TV - How to Put the Underemployed to Work

Mobileworks CEO Anand Kulkarni discusses putting the underemployed to work with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves."


February 7, 2013

New Scientist - Crowdsourcing grows up as online workers untie.

“Other crowd-working platforms have already taken some of these issues to heart. ‘We started as an effort to create a worker friendly crowdsourcing platform, specifically as an alternative to systems like Mechanical Turk,’ says MobileWorks co-founder Anand Kulkarni. Unlike AMT, MobileWorks sets minimum wages for its workers tied to the cost of living in the country they are working in...”

January 24, 2013

Gigaom - Case study: how to effectively crowdsource work

“MobileWorks was founded in 2011 by a team of business-management experts and crowdsourcing researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The company’s technology allows enterprises and startups alike to crowdsource work without the usual overhead of monitoring accuracy and setting up jobs: You send in the work to MobileWorks and forget it...Overall my first time working with a crowd was a good experience. The MobileWorks team worked with me to get my task done and was very responsive whenever there was a question or an issue.”

December 17th, 2012

Forbes - 30 under 30: Social Entrepreneurs

“Anand Kulkarni, Philipp Gutheim, Prayag Narula. Together with cofounder David Rolnitzky, the three under-30s founded MobileWorks. The firm links thousands of workers from underemployed and bottom-of-the-pyramid communities with short-duration jobs sourced from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in the United States.”

December 7, 2012

MIT Technology Review - A Personal Assistant Created from the Crowd by Smart Software

Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri, may never sleep, but it also lacks the smarts of a real personal assistant. A human assistant, in contrast, can work on much more complex tasks but comes at a much higher price. A new alternative, called Premier, aims to surpass them both. Outwardly, it’s a capable, round-the-clock personal helper; behind the scenes, it consists of a crowd of workers corralled by smart software to respond intelligently to any kind of request. Premier was developed by MobileWorks, a crowdsourcing company, which is currently testing the new assistant with some existing customers...”

October 10, 2012

Reuters - Global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry

“...A potential employer posting a project on Elance or oDesk, for example, can be overwhelmed by applicants - making it difficult for them to find the best freelancers quickly, and harder for freelancers to stand out from the crowd. Kulkarni hopes to solve this problem by having his startup MobileWorks train workers to guarantee quality, and by breaking down projects into micro-tasks to lift less-skilled workers onto their first rung. Tasks range from transcribing hedge fund forms to generating sales leads....”

August 14, 2012

TechCrunch - Backed By Andreessen, Virtual Workforce MobileWorks Completes 1M Tasks For Startups In 1st Year

“...MobileWorks set out with a different approach (and a social mission) - to pay workers fair wages and create a collaborative online work environment in which microwork would become less anonymous and more like a self-organizing virtual office. The startup believes that this approach can lower the cost of obtaining quality work or results, pay fewer workers more and, in so doing, enable non-enterprise (i.e. smaller companies) to tap into the benefits of crowdsourcing. So far it seems to be working, as the company announced today that its workers have collectively completed one million commercial tasks since launch. What's more, companies have effectively outsourced five continuous years of work in the last year by hiring its cloud-based crowd, which the team believes is a testament to how much businesses can accomplish by collaborating with a virtual labor pool.....”

August 1, 2012

East Bay Express - Dawn of the Digital Sweatshop

“On the eleventh floor of an office building in downtown Berkeley, a few UC Berkeley School of Information alumni think they may have found a different way. MobileWorks isn’t, according to Kulkarni, the anti-Turk— it’s more like Turk 2.0. Kulkarni and his cofounders are mostly computer scientists by training, and they’re big believers in both the promise and the inevitability of crowdsourced work — they just think it can be better. ...”

July 8, 2012

The Gleaner - MobileWorks Projects Sourced From Government

“...MobileWorks’ crowdsourcing technology involves human optical character recognition tasks that can be completed by workers on low-end mobile phones connected through a web browser. The technology disaggregates large projects into smaller, more manageable jobs, which can be undertaken by multiple IT-savvy individuals working in remote locations. MobileWorks is looking to go global with its operation. ‘We are investing heavily in expansion this year worldwide, but we have a particular interest in Jamaica due to its proximity to the United States and the opportunity for us to provide an outsize economic impact in line with our social agenda’....”

July 4, 2012

The Gleaner - Micro-Work Deal To Create 1,000 Jobs

“Jamaicans who can do work for minutes or hours each day from their personal computers or mobile phones are eligible for participation in the workforce being created locally by the California company MobileWorks in a deal brokered with the Jamaican Government. The company, which says it "matches work with people who can do it", this week launched its crowdsourcing technology locally with the help of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce. The ministry said the partnership would result in at least 1,000 jobs for Jamaicans likely to earn money through 'micro-work' projects.....”

July 31, 2012

MIT Technology Review -Human Workers, Managed by an Algorithm

“Stephanie Hamilton is part of something larger than herself. She's part of a computer program. The 38-year-old resident of Kingston, Jamaica, recently began performing small tasks assigned to her by an algorithm running on a computer in Berkeley, California. That software, developed by a startup called MobileWorks, represents the latest trend in crowdsourcing: organizing foreign workers on a mass scale to do routine jobs that computers aren't yet good at, like checking spreadsheets or reading receipts...”

January 10, 2012

Forbes - The Social Impact Cloud

“...One Hub startup called MobileWorks is “building a sustainable crowdsourcing platform that lets underemployed individuals throughout the world earn a fair wage completing crowdsourcing jobs.” MobileWorks has developed a mobile web application to allow low income device users in seven countries execute simple data entry tasks, web research, content creation and more on a project basis to supplement their income. Individuals using mobile phones, tablets and even PCs in cyber-cafes, become part of an ad hoc collective workforce whose aggregate services are marketed to large corporations, organizations, and individuals in the west...”

September 30, 2011

Xconomy - Can Crowdsourcing Make a Dent in Unemployment? Ask MobileWorks

“...Finally, there’s a new player called MobileWorks; it’s a Y Combinator-backed startup that offers digital work to underemployed people in India and Pakistan, but with an emphasis on tasks that don't require a computer and can be completed using only an Internet-connected mobile phone. Yesterday I called up MobileWorks co-founder and CEO Anand Kulkarni to find out how people are using his platform, and whether the technology might offer hope for unemployed people here in the United States. As you might expect, he’s bullish on crowdsourcing’s potential for alleviating joblessness, whether in developing countries or developed ones...”

August 29, 2012

MIT Technology Review - Building Crowds of Humans into Software

“Enabling software to punt its toughest tasks to humans should result in smarter mobile apps and other programs, say the founders of the newly launched company MobileWorks. The startup makes it possible for programmers to build human intelligence into their software using crowdsourcing - the practice of parceling out relatively small parts of a larger problem to many different people over the Web....”